ICF’s Are a Versatile Building Material

Schools do not structurally look like houses, and houses do not structurally look like office buildings. Therefore, contractors usually use different materials to build these different structures. This all makes sense because the uses of these three types of buildings are not the same, and then needs of the occupants are not the same. A person could argue the proceeding points if he or she understands insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) because this method of building an extremely well insulated and strong structure can be used to build all three types of these buildings. building materials suppliers

Concrete is visible in schools and office buildings. In a home concrete is the normal choice for a foundation material. But, after these similarities the use of concrete becomes very different for residential and commercial type structures. By using ICF products a contractor can build a traditional looking home, a school, or an office building. This is because ICF’s can be stacked to almost any height and can be created to give a building almost any shape.

Why would a school board or a homeowner be interested in ICF’s? The first reason must be efficiency. Buildings created using ICF systems are extremely well insulated because there are two layers of foam sealed to every concrete wall. This saves who ever occupies or owns the building a lot of energy and thus a lot of money on the heating or cooling bills.

The second reason for interest in an ICF wall is strength. Parents want their children to be safe at school. If dangerous weather strikes an area, parents depend on a school’s teachers and support staff and the school structure to keep the children safe. Homeowners also want to be safe. A building created by using ICF’s is strong enough to withstand 250 mph winds and the projectiles being hurled around by those winds. The strength of these walls was determined through university study.



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