Learn How to Lose Weight by Yoga

Yoga may be not the first activity anyone thinks of when they find the activities to control weight. There are controversial views exist about yoga and weight loss. Someone who practicing yoga claim that yoga can help you lose weight easily but disagreed people still think that it is not that form of exercise which results in weight control as some cardiovascular activity like aerobic or jogging. So the question that is it possible to lose weight by yoga? Find the reasonable answer in the article.

Each form of yoga is used for a different purpose. Some forms may help about strength and flexibility but the other forms as power yoga can accelerate calorie burning. Generally, calories burned during yoga vary widely from 180 to 360 per hour depend on what is type of yoga. That is mean if your poses are tougher and harder, you can burn more calories as well. By Choosing the right form of yoga, you can lose weight by yoga quickly.

A popular form of yoga for weight loss is hot yoga. Hot yoga composes of 26 poses executed continuously in a room with 37 – 40 degree Celsius. This type of yoga, weight loss is made easier because your muscles can be warmed and can burn fat more efficiently. The other benefits are detoxifying the body and having a healthy circulatory system, increasing heart rate, helping many of your bodily systems and functions – digestion which your appetite will decrease and lose all your cravings for unhealthful foods.

Whoever gains too much weight may begin to lose weight by yoga. Hatha yoga has low impact exercise, low impact in nature. Although it does not burn as much as high impact exercise like aerobic activity, you will notice a higher degree of strength and flexibility. When the muscles are sufficiently improved, more calories are burned.

Gentle yoga is also a good way to start slowly, if you are new to yoga. To avoid injuries from practicing, you should begin from easy routine and follow by the instructor strictly. However, if you decide to lose weight by yoga you must be patient because it will not help you losing weight as fast as exercising by some cardiovascular exercise. Eating healthy food and getting enough sleep are the important factors to control your weight also.

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