Meaning Of Cultural Anthropology

The study and research in the development of human ethnicity, traditions, beliefs, languages, societal and psychological analysis is termed as cultural anthropology. This branch of anthropology is also sometimes termed as social anthropology or socio cultural anthropology. Cultural anthropology is among the 4 most significant fields of anthropology. Mark Hauser

Cultural anthropology is response in opposition to the previous Western discussion between Nature and Culture which states that the mankind survives in a “State of Nature”. Anthropologists disagree that ethnicity is “human nature,” everyone in the society has the caliber to categorize practices, understand symbolical codes and educate ideas and concepts to others.

Culture does not inherit from birth, but it is learned and practiced by several people living in different cultures, in different parts of world. Culture can help people in adapting environments, which they do not belong to in non-genetic ways; this is the reason why people in dissimilar environments have dissimilar cultures. This study was revealed by anthropologists to create general awareness. The maximum of the anthropological study has revealed the concern about the differences between the global and local cultures. In every part of the world there are different cultures present and the anthropologists worry for the tension created between conflicts of two different cultures. The cultures are spread through human nature or the web of relations spread across places.
Ancient anthropological descriptions place culture equivalent to civilization. Civilization is a word that can be explained as political and chronological developments for mankind. Civilization is settling together in a society with several races, religions and faiths. A society, where every man and woman is treated equally, every religion is considered as equal and respected accordingly. The word culture was used to refer colonized societies as uncivilized, when compared to the civilized western societies. Cultural anthropology is about studying the society and culture deeply through inspection and fieldwork.


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