Realme GT – A Phone With High End Features


The new phone from Realme Gt, the Realme GT is designed to make the perfect partner for anyone who enjoys a good workout on the run or on the treadmill. The Realme GT is equipped with a variety of high-tech features that make exercising fun. Users can use the Realme GT to exercise indoors or outdoors as well as use it to exercise outdoors when the weather is good. It is very lightweight and surprisingly sturdy. realme gt

The Realme GT was released in early August to great acclaim by fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The Realme GT comes in three varieties:” Racing Yellow,” “Sweating Gold” and “Sweating Silver.” I personally am all for the “Sweating Gold” that features a clear, vibrant display, stainless steel side buttons and a Gorilla Glass front panel. The Realme phone is targeted at professional athletes and serious runners, however, if you’re looking for a nice, big and bold multimedia phone that you can hold in your hand while working out, the SnapDragon 888 smartphone from Samsung can also be a great choice.

The Realme GPS runner’s watch is an excellent companion for the Realme GT. Users can activate the Realme Gt with the Samsung Gear Live application or via the S Gear menu. The orange band that runs around the phone also activates Realme’s technology, which detects when you’ve turned your wrist or arm. Once the phone detects your hands, it will then present you with various graphical displays, such as your real-time speed, distance traveled, time left, your pace and other information. This impressive technology makes it easy for you to set a target and continually monitor your progress.

The Realme GT is equipped with a powerful 1 GHz processor and is packed with features that allow it to run two applications simultaneously. In addition to that, the phone features two slots for memory cards – one for expansion cards and one for flash memory cards. There are no preinstalled games, but what this phone has that others don’t have is a full featured Android operating system, namely Kit Kat 4.4. Users can install their own apps via a series of apps preinstalled on the system. The Realme GT has two major back panels, one featuring a standard capacitive backlight and the other a smooth silver metallic back panel.

The Realme GT includes a high-end imaging device in the form of the Augmented Reality Viewfinder, a high definition camera with an ability to capture both images and videos. The Realme GT5G camera also includes an intuitive interface, a dual-Band connectivity option and GPS connectivity. The Realme Gt also integrates perfectly with the popular June mobile app and allows users to upload their own photos or those of friends and family. Users also have access to a number of useful widgets such as Google Maps, Google Now, HTC Gallery, Tilt, Facebook Connects and Wikipedia.

A unique feature of the Realme Gt master edition is the inclusion of a 7 megapixel rear camera. This is a first of its kind on a smartphone and is used by the manufacturer to showcase their cutting-edge imaging capabilities. Users have the ability to shoot video with the rear camera in landscape mode, portrait mode and landscape panorama modes. The video recording option also includes audio recording in either stereo or mono. The Realme Gt also integrates fully with June videos, allowing users to share their favorite videos and music via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

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