Some Food Pairings That You Need To Avoid

Can Fruits be eaten with or after a meal? which proteins can be combined with starchy foods? DO some food decrease your digestive rate? Are there some food combinations to avoid?

These are a few questions that I will attempt to address in this article. I have also described the reasons why a few food combinations are beneficial and why some of them must be strictly avoided.

Before understanding the rules regarding the best and worst food combinations, let us define every food category:


  • Starchy foods: Pasta, bread, cereals, grains, potatoes/ sweet potatoes, winter squashes or pumpkin
  • Non-Starchy foods: Asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, onions, brussels sprouts, artichokes, broccoli, celery, eggplant, mushrooms, leafy greens, peppers or zucchini
  • Proteins: Chicken, beef, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, beans, legumes or soy products like tofu.
  • Fruits: Includes all the acidic, less acidic, sweet fruits and melons


Lets look a few food pairings or combinations that have to be avoided:

1. Latte and a croissant:

This breakfast combination consists of processed foods like croissant, which lacks fibre. This combination spikes the blood insulin levels and can lead to a serious sugar crash. It further decreases the energy production in the cells and allows the liver to store the excess calories as fat instead of using them as fuel.

As an alternative, it is better to include a whole-grain English muffin and a Black coffee in your breakfast. This combination is rich in fibre and low in fats. The caffeine in the black coffee will help the cells burn fat faster, while the whole grain muffin will cause a slow release of energy. russian grocery store

2. Fruits with a meal:

Fruits are a rich source of sugar and can break down at a faster rate compared to a heavy meal, which consists of meat, vegetables, starch etc. This leads to a fermentation reaction in your stomach and causes many digestive issues.

Similarly, combining some fruits with dairy can lead to bloating. Avoid eating citrus fruits with milk, however, you can eat dates and milk. Fruits must be consumed individually, and not with any other foods. The best time to eat fruits is in the mornings, on an empty stomach, with a glass of water, as it helps in detoxifying your system. You can also indulge in a fruit as an afternoon snack rather than reaching for those chips!

3. Dairy products with meat, fruits or vegetables.

Milk needs to be consumed alone. You can use a few spices like cinnamon and cardamom to enhance the flavor of milk. Avoid using milk with sour foods. The acidic nature of these fruits curdles the milk in the stomach and can lead to many digestive problems. You can eat dates and milk.

Dairy products like cheese and yoghurt with fish, eggs, beans, meat etc., must not be combined together.

On the other hand, clarified butter or ghee can be used for cooking vegetables as it displays similar properties as cooking oil.

4. Beans with dairy, eggs, fish, meat or fruit.

Though beans are very beneficial and product vital micronutrients like Iron and magnesium, they contain a high quantity of soluble fibre,

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