The Advantages of Using Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are a big part of any construction project. They are components that prevent substances from leaking through the joints between the two parts that the seal bridges and It comes in a variety of types. As an alternative, there are also gaskets and other similar gasket-like devices that you can use. A gland packing may be one of the most common alternatives used by construction engineers for their projects.

There are plenty of factors to consider when you decide whether to use a packing gland. If you do not have the specific requirements of your project available, then it is imperative that you learn the basics of seals and packing glands to guide your decisions.

Comparing the seals to gland packing

These seals use plenty of different components in order to function. This includes a spring which provides a contact force and the packing seal itself which prevents leakages especially of liquids from happening. A flat face characterizes every seal available, which makes the mechanical seal very effective in preventing leakages. Seals of this type are usually very reliable as long as they are used in conditions that are within their specifications. You can just leave a seal for long periods of time without any need for maintenance routines of any kind. mechanical seal company 

Compared to a gland packing or other similar style gaskets, a mechanical seal can cost yourself and your company a lot less in the long run. When it comes to packing glands, they usually wear out easily and would constantly need check-ups and clean-ups from time to time. A seal can last you a few months or even up to a year without any adjustments or replacement but a packing can only give you weeks before it will need some sort of adjustment and maintenance.

One thing that discourages engineers and project heads from using it to all of their machines and installations, though, is the fact that it costs a lot more than an ordinary gasket or gland packing does. But if you think about their durability and the lesser maintenance that they require, seals are a much wiser and cost-efficient choice. Mechanical seals can also be used in a variety of machines aside from pumps and pipes.

It can be useful for machines like mixers, compressors, rotary unions, motors and agitators. Its versatility is another factor that sets it aside other packing devices. Some of the most commonly used seals include the hydraulically balanced seal, two-way seals, seals made from light materials like Teflon, plastic, carbon and the like.



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