The Greek legend says that Venus was born from the foam of the seashore. 


Venus is regularly imagined floated on a vast shell to shore as a gift from paradise, representing the watery female rule, crucial for the age and equilibrium of life.  pisces zodiac sign


No big surprise in astrology Venus is magnified in Pisces, which implies that she is in this watery situation where she can communicate her thoughts at her best. 


Pisces is managed by the enchanted Neptune, the God of the ocean, who is additionally the higher octave of Venus. 


In Pisces, Venus brings all the Venusian ascribes of affection and excellence to higher domains – charming magnificence, otherworldly and humane Love and receptivity, and bona fide association. 


Very much like the sea, profound and wavy, Love has now the ability to overcome every one of the restrictions and differences. The battle of duality between the Lower and the Higher Selves, addressed by the two fish going in inverse ways (the Piscean image), appears to break down at this point. 


Venus In Pisces – No More “Me” and “You”, Only “Us” 


In the higher domains of Neptune, there is no more “me” and “you” – the soul of Love abides all over. 


Another topic of Venus in Pisces is one of sacrifice. 


Glancing through the Neptunian focal points, sacrifice turns into an incomparable gift, not out of liberality. 


But since in the last indication of the Zodiac, the sacrifice turns into the regular vibration of life. 


Life can exist and constantly reproduce itself when we have a ‘supplier’ and a ‘beneficiary’ cooperating. Along these lines, life proliferates through all questions of presence and gets back to its eternality. Afterwards, it will reappear in a different shape. 


Judas, who sold out Jesus, was the twelfth witness (representing the indication of Pisces). He HAD to double-cross Jesus since somebody needed to satisfy the prediction and save the world. As it were, it was just him who cherished Jesus enough and sacrificed to do the experience. 


Venus In Pisces – Surrender To The Unknown 


In Pisces, Venus likes to dream, and the line between dreams, creative mind, and reality may change actually like the limit between the sea and the shoreline changes with each wave, welcoming us to give up to the obscure. 


Washing in the Neptunian sea of neverending, Venus turns into the mermaid, the tricky and secretive half-lady, a half-fish animal that can swim in deep waters and afterwards arise to the surface to charm mariners with her elegance and magnificence. 


Actually, like a mermaid, there is a yearning in every last one of us for the profundities of the sea; for that early-stage climate, we as a whole rose out of millions of years prior. 


During the Venus travel in Pisces, we can feel an intense yearning to converge with the heavenly and escape reality without importance. 


What’s more, this is because Venus in Pisces longs for the association. Not any association, but rather an otherworldly association that can last the range of lifetimes. 


We look now for sentiment, yet for an affection that will present a feeling of higher reason. If we start a relationship when Venus is in Pisces, we will feel like the Spirit/God/Source/Universe has contrived for us and the object of our longing to meet. 


Venus In Pisces In Love 


Seeing someone, the travel of Venus in Pisces will bring a hotly anticipated time of warmth and association. You will think that it’s normal currently to restore closeness. You will think that it’s simpler to impart about any issue causing distance between you and your partner. 


In a relationship or not, this is the season when we as a whole hunger for a fantasy sentiment. We now long for a profound perfect partner association; we need not exclusively adore yet converge with the other. 


Our instinct is profoundly grown now, and we can relate profoundly to craftsmanship, verse, nature and music. 


Regardless of whether you are enamoured at present or yearning for affection, Venus in Pisces is an incredible opportunity to: 


  • zero in on your profound practices 


  • understand verse 


  • visit artistry exhibitions 


  • peruse dream books 


  • go to the congregation or the ashram 


  • or then again purchase beautiful garments, scarfs, shoes or bed cloths



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