Video Marketing – Short Stories

Video Marketing is great way to instantly build a rapport with your prospective customers. A further way to keep your customers engaged is to run a series of videos. The concept of this is like a television series. Each video is a story and is able to stand on its own, but it leaves a cliff hanger which leaves the customer keen and eager to watch the next episode.

An easy way to achieve this is to record one video and then split it into short, sharp clips or smaller videos. Splitting your video down also allows you to expand the information you are able to provide in a range of ways and to try out different marketing video methodologies. The outcome of this strategy is it is not boring to the onlooker, it adds value to the customer as well as to you as the provider. buy TikTok followers UK

A point to note here is that realistically, you should never post a long video. Anything longer than five minutes will definitely send your prospective client to sleep. Short videos are the best. A person’s attention span is short, so make sure your video is captivating and punchy. YouTube have some great examples of where this has been done well.

When splitting your video down into smaller clips, it is important for each clip to be seen as an individual episode as discussed earlier. The reason for this is the keywords you are going to place with each video. This means the searches each video will be different and so the first video a person views may be the fifth in your series of seven. If you have not placed a contextual introduction to your video then it will not make sense to the viewer. Similarly, an opportunity is available at this point to inform your prospective customer this is video of seven, and it is a great idea for them to watch them all. Provide the viewer with a valid reason as to why this is important. Captivate their interest, motivate them to watch all seven videos, you have then maximised your opportunity of a call to action as they will have seen your website address twice in every video. This means the viewer has seen your website address fourteen times overall. This is a great optimisation of a single marketing concept.

Another important fact to remember to undertake is to track your videos. It is important to understand which videos are achieving results and optimising their outcomes for you. This may help to inform your next course of action. Remember the more views you get, the more chances they prospect will visit your website. Thus the video has achieved its remit.

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